The Meran Hotel was built between the years 1895 - 1906 by the Hajek family on a narrow strip of land originally considered unsuitable for a hotel. In spite of this, it has now become one of the most remarkable architectural sights on Wenceslas Square, along with the adjacent Evropa Hotel. After the death of Mr. Hájek in 1937, the hotel was passed into the hands of his son and daughtern at the age of two and three respectively.

During the Nazi occupation in Word War II, the hotel became German property under the name of the LUNA Hotel. When the war ended, the property was returned to the Hajek family along with its original name of the meran MERAN Hotel. Because of nationalization in 1954, the Meran Hotel was merged with the Evropa Hotel and its name then disappeared.

The Meran Hotel was returned to the hajek family after the 1989 “Velvet revolution” and then sister Marie sold her half to her brother Julius. Because of disrepair during the previous communist regime, the hotel had to be restored to its original Art Nouveau style. The restoration included the refitting of the original stylish elevator, which had been removed.

Today, the hotel provides accommodation in 20 rooms from them 5 single bed rooms, 10 double bed rooms and 5 three bed rooms. All rooms have own social equipment, satelite television and telephone line, radio, minibar and Wifi internet is joyned..Wenceslas Square, where the Hotel Meran is located, has been predestined to become a central part of New Prague Town since its foundation in 1348. Situated in the heart of the city, it is now the main artery of modern Prague. Near the hotel are some of the most significant and memorable places of Prague City. Nearby, a vast array of restaurants, night-clubs and discoteques offer their services, along with quaint shops offering world famous products and souvenirs.

Hotel Meran | Prague 1 | Rooms


The hotel provides accommodation in 20 rooms
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In the center of Prague at Wenceslas Square

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